After her studies at the The Hague Royal Academy of Art Rachel Dubbe (1973) fine tuned her talents by working as an assistant for high end portrait and fashion photographers, before taking off on a career of her own.

The emotion beyond the perfection. That is what she struggles to find in her portraits and still lives, the beauty found in a straightforward image, in a mysterious glance, in the chemistry between the photographer and her model. In the series of portraits “Am I …” Rachel embarks on a balancing act between present and past, tranquillity and spontaneity, chance and perfectionism, resulting in cheeky portraits of present day Amsterdam girls, their adolescent tenderness shimmering through a defiant glance. A contrast enhanced by the traditional costumes and a painteresque quality of light. Printing on canvass adds to the enigmatic air of the portraits.

A part of the series was selected for the exhibition Masterly: The Dutch in Milano. The exhibition is opened from 12 – 17 April in the Palazzo Francesco Turati in Milan


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